Meet our Team

Chinelle D.

Involved in Early-Childhood Education and Development since 1999, through formal education, seminars, and classroom time, I have witnessed first-hand the evolution of class-room content-delivery and various learning and development concepts.  While each iteration promises the noble objective of improving learning outcomes among children in new and sometimes exotic ways, there is an undeniable constant.  Each child is different.

Our mandate must then be MEETING each child where he or she is, and developing person-specific strategies to enable his and her genius.

Our Team and Partners are Degreed/Degree-seeking, and Certified Professionals from West Virginia colleges and universities Education and Professional Development Programs:

§  Shepherd University

§  West Virginia University

§  Marshall University

§  Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

§  WV-Apprenticeship for Child Development Specialist (ACDS)

We are educators at heart. As such, we understand what is required to evolve a high-quality Early-Childhood Education and Development program which will Nurture children, Empower Families, and Enable Workforce in our community.

Welcome to Village Square Learning